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Huong -Vietnam

Hi all, My name’s Huong. I am from Vietnam. I’ve been in this online English class for about one and a half months. At the beginning, I was very reluctant to study online as I assumed that it would be boring, but after a while, it changed my opinion and now I love to sign-in everyday. Our class always has a lot of fun discussing a variety of topics, as well as learning from the textbooks and especially we interact very well as if the class was actually in person. One of the reasons why we enjoy this class so much is due to our dedicated teacher. Thanks to him, my English is now much better than ever before.


Elisabeth Bajet



I’m Elisabeth. I am from France and I’d like to share my experience with GTLS and how it has helped me in my executive career. When I moved to Canada, I was very self- conscious of my accent and my limitations in English. As a corporate executive, it was hard for me to make presentations in English and express myself fully. I worked with Amalia for 6 months. Amalia is the best English teacher I’ve ever had. She is an amazing professional and she has this ability to encouraged you and make every class fun. I can’t believe how much progress I made in 6 month and how confident I’ve became. That was the best investment for my career. The experience with GTLS has changed my life. Since then, I’ve now been promoted to a North American position working for Canada and the United states. I am not longer ashamed of my English and can express myself fully and with confidence. This would not have been possible without Amalia and the GTLS team. Thank you, Amalia, and GTLS. I’m forever grateful for your passion and how much love you put in every student you work with.

Ashkan - Iran


I like GTLS school because : 1- I came from Iran and I was speaking Farsi in my whole life and now after 2 or 3 months I can speak English and I have very good friends just like you,Drew,Marcelo,and Julian. 2-You are absolutely passionate in teaching English and I like that. You really try that your students learn English very well and it’s very important to you ( you, Amelia and Drew ). 3- Your class’s atmosphere is really perfect, I have a lot of amazing experiences at your school. In my opinion and in summary GTLS is AMAZING.


Tomoko, Japan Tomoko

I was able to learn English and have time to pick-up my children from school. The days I spent at GTLS, the teachers and the friends I met there from all over the world are my treasure! Amalia and Ken were amazing teachers

Claudio R.PNG

Claudio R - Brazil

As a business owner of a growing technology company, I wanted to improve my English in order to expand my market from Brazil to English Speaking Countries. Thanks to GTLS, my company NerdMonster is thriving thanks to my ability to confidently communicate with clients and major stakeholder.


Gaby P - Venezuela

I came to Canada from Venezuela because I wanted to get a good IELTS score to get into a masters program in London, England. Thanks to the amazing teachers at GTLS, my English went from the Pre Intermediate Level to Scoring 7.5 on the IELTS Exam. Following the completion of my master’s program at Westminster University, I am now working as a paralegal in London, England


I wanted to become a doctor and needed to improve my English skills to realize my goal. GTLS built my confidence in using my English and taught me many essential skills. Thanks to this amazing English school, I am officially a licensed doctor.

Amanda M.

GTLS Graduate



Julien S. - Germany

My experience with GTLS is amazing! Everyone is very kind and friendly and it actually feels like a small Canadian family for me. I’m since the beginning in Drew’s class and he’s doing an incredible job. He’s the best and funniest teacher I’ve ever had in my life. Also the online classes with him are interesting and funny. I really appreciate my chance to join GTLS and I can only recommend it to everybody to improve their english skills in this school.

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