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Recognizing the crucial role your team plays in a company's success, choose to be an employer of choice by investing in your employees' development. Some of our valued clients include Porsche Canada, JTI (the world's largest tobacco firm), and Kuehne & Nagel (the largest logistics company globally), to name just a few.



Business English serves as your key to communicating effectively and fluently in everyday workplace situations, encompassing socializing, report writing, and career advancement. Our courses are meticulously crafted to enhance your communication skills within a professional context. You'll gain confidence in:

• Pronunciation and stress patterns for fluency and dynamic conversation 

• Negotiating
• Chairing/participating in meetings
• Email/telephone etiquette

• Presenting

Business Meeting

Our PROGRAM ensures swift language proficiency and is tailored for professionals seeking improvement in fluency, pronunciation, and accuracy. Beyond language skills, students will refine their ability to communicate ideas and concepts while enhancing presentation skills. We provide an individually tailored curriculum that can be customized to meet your company's specific needs.
Get in touch with us now to delve into enhancing your or your team's professional communication. Let's tailor a program that will make a significant impact on your success.


I’m Elisabeth. I am from France and I’d like to share my experience with GTLS and how it has helped me in my executive career. When I moved to Canada, I was very self- conscious of my accent and my limitations in English. As a corporate executive, it was hard for me to make presentations in English and express myself fully. I worked with Amalia for 6 months. Amalia is the best English teacher I’ve ever had. She is an amazing professional and she has this ability to encouraged you and make every class fun. I can’t believe how much progress I made in 6 month and how confident I’ve became. That was the best investment for my career. The experience with GTLS has changed my life. Since then, I’ve now been promoted to a North American position working for Canada and the United states. I am not longer ashamed of my English and can express myself fully and with confidence. This would not have been possible without Amalia and the GTLS team. Thank you, Amalia, and GTLS. I’m forever grateful for your passion and how much love you put in every student you work with.

Elisabeth Bajet, France


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