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Explore Language Immersion with Our Homestay Program

Immerse yourself fully in the English language with our enriching homestay program. Experience genuine language practice in real-world situations by staying with our welcoming Canadian families.


  • Three nutritious meals daily

  • Private or shared bedroom accommodation 

  • Private or shared washroom facilities•Complimentary WIFI access

  • Weekly laundry service

Additional Details:

  • All our homestay families are English speakers.

  • Our dedicated homestay families, with over a decade of experience, strive to accommodate every student.

Bonus Feature:

Depending on availability, you might even have an English teacher as your homestay parent.

Homestay Fee:

$350.00 per week + $120 placement fee
Immerse yourself in a supportive and authentic English-speaking environment with our trusted homestay program


I like GTLS school because : 1- I came from Iran and I was speaking Farsi in my whole life and now after 2 or 3 months I can speak English and I have very good friends just like you,Drew,Marcelo,and Julian. 2-You are absolutely passionate in teaching English and I like that. You really try that your students learn English very well and it’s very important to you ( you, Amelia and Drew ). 3- Your class’s atmosphere is really perfect, I have a lot of amazing experiences at your school. In my opinion and in summary GTLS is AMAZING.

Ashkan - Iran

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