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Three immersive English School Programs to Choose from

Writing in Notepad

English Fundamentals

Monday to Friday (9:15 -12:15pm)

Elevate your English proficiency with our English Fundamentals Program, designed for busy individuals. Our CELTA Certified Teachers employ the 80/20 rule, emphasizing group work, partner work and one on one with your teacher to enhance your speaking confidence. Improve grammar, reading, writing, and speaking skills in a supportive environment, fostering confidence and engagement.


Intensive English Program

Monday to Thursday (9:15 to 2:45) | Fridays (9:15 to 12:15)

“From 9:15 am to 12:15 pm, build English confidence with a University of Cambridge certified instructor. Engage in partner and group activities, honing language skills in speaking, listening, writing, and reading, with 80% class communication. In the afternoon session from 12:30 pm to 2:45 pm, enhance conversation skills through debates, idiomatic language, and pronunciation focus. Explore real-world topics and gain insights into Canadian culture.”

Working Together

Evening Program

Monday to Thursday (4:30pm to 6:30)

People who work or study during the day can participate in this evening program. To ensure more individualized care, classes are typically smaller than our morning classes.


I wanted to become a doctor and needed to improve my English skills to realize my goal. GTLS built my confidence in using my English and taught me many essential skills. Thanks to this amazing English school, I am officially a licensed doctor.

Amanda M, Brazil

GTLS Graduate

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