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A Message From The Founders

Being a part of our students' learning journeys is a profound joy for us as educators. The most fulfilling part of our job is empowering initially hesitant students to confidently communicate in English. When students express gratitude for their achievements, it reflects our core goal. GTLS fosters a community immersed in English, extending beyond physical classrooms. At the heart of the school are students, alumni, and the community Ken and Amalia have built. The majority of our students come through referrals from those who had positive learning experiences at GTLS, with some becoming school representatives in their home countries

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Our Vision

Empowering our students to become proficient and confident communicators in English. Our teaching approach is grounded in three fundamental principles.



Creating a supportive atmosphere, where errors are corrected, accomplishments are celebrated, and students are motivated to strive for greater achievements, is the key to fostering a comfortable learning experience in English.



During the learning journey and beyond the classroom, this sense of camaraderie is nurtured through group and partner activities. The secret to keeping students attentive is to ensure they remain actively involved in every lesson. Whether it's collaborating with classmates, eagerly approaching the board to share their answers, or practicing English with the wider community, maintaining a continuous state of engagement ensures students stay immersed in the language in a lively and friendly manner.



Passion fuels our teachers, evident in their vibrant and energetic teaching style. The outcome? An enthusiastic alumni community that consistently returns to share their achievements and enthusiastically recommends our school to friends and family.

How It All Started

Founded in 2008 by passionate educators Amalia Koudourakis Soares and Ken Fernandes, Greater Toronto Language School Inc (GTLS) has been built on a commitment to creating a welcoming and dynamic learning environment. Their successful teaching philosophies have positively impacted thousands of students and professionals, leading to achievements such as successful careers, further education, enhanced business communication skills, promotions, and successful outcomes in the IELTS exam for permanent residency or academia. Join GTLS for a transformative learning experience!


Ken Fernandes

Ken, with a background in technology and a Diploma in Computer Engineering, initially worked for a major Canadian bank and the Canadian Government. Transitioning to teaching, he became a certified English instructor, starting in Vietnam before refining his skills in Canada. Now, as both ESL Instructor and School Director at Greater Toronto Language School Inc., Ken brings a wealth of experience. He is also a skilled public speaker, holds a Toastmaster International Competent Communicator Certificate, and has a passion for exploring the world, having visited over ten countries. Ken is a dedicated railway enthusiast, modeler, and runs a YouTube Channel on Japanese Trains.


Amalia Koundourkis Soares

Amalia Koundourkis Soares, celebrated for her engaging and compassionate teaching style, is fluent in English, Greek, Romanian, and Portuguese. Armed with a Bachelor of Arts from York University and CELTA certification from Cambridge University, she has dedicated over two decades to empowering students from diverse backgrounds to become confident English communicators. Amalia's students have found success in various roles and continue to share their achievements. Beyond teaching, Amalia indulges her passion for culinary arts, perfecting her skills in the kitchen.

Competitive Prices

Time and time again, our students tell us that our programs are a great value for money. Check our Testimonials sprinkled throughout the website!

Famously Fast

Supercharge your learning with minimal teacher talk time – no boring lectures! Dive into language discovery, collaborate with fellow students and boost your English skills in real world situations. Get personalized teacher feedback when needed, accelerating your learning journey like never before!

Flawless Delivery

Whether in-person or online our students will tell you that our teachers are here to support you!

Business Planning

In today’s global world, communicating in English has become a key factor for professional success.


I was able to learn English and have time to pick-up my children from school. The days I spent at GTLS, the teachers and the friends I met there from all over the world are my treasure! Amalia and Ken were amazing teachers.

Tomoko, Japan

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