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Greater Toronto Language School Inc. (“GTLS”)

154 Queen St. South, Suite 224
Mississauga, ON, Canada


1. It is mandatory that all students have valid documents (for example: temporary resident, visa, study permit etc.) needed to enter and reside in Canada for the duration of their program before they begin their program. It is the student’s responsibility to acquire all the necessary documents to enter and stay in Canada. GTLS cannot be held responsible if a student fails to acquire the documents necessary to enter Canada.

2. Students must complete payment due to GTLS according to GTLS Payment Terms.

3. The registration form must be completed in full. The Registration process will not be initiated without the completed registration form.

4. All students attending a GTLS program must have valid medical insurance for their entire study period. Students who do not provide GTLS with proof of valid medical insurance on their first day of classes can purchase their insurance through GTLS. No student will be allowed to attend a GTLS program until they have provided GTLS with proof of valid medical insurance.


5. All students agree to accept the GTLS Cancelation and Refund Policies.



1. Schedule of Payments for Adult Programs

a. GTLS cannot guarantee the student his/her registration until GTLS has received the Registration Fee of $130. Failure to pay the Registration Fee may result in the student’s application being rejected.

b. The balance of the fees owing must be paid in full:
For all English Programs including the General English, Intensive English, and Deluxe English program, no later than 4 weeks before the first day of the student`s program at GTLS.

2. Late Payments

a. GTLS reserves the right to cancel, without notice, all bookings and arrangements if the student fails to pay the required fees for a booking pursuant to the Schedule of Payments set out herein.
b. GTLS regrets that under no circumstances will a student be allowed to commence
and/or attend any course where payment remains outstanding or not cleared.

3. Cancelation and Refunds

If the student cancels his/her program or is dismissed, he/she may be entitled to a refund for some of his/her program and accommodation fees according to the GTLS Cancelation and Refund


1. Written Notice required - To be considered for a refund, the student must submit a written and signed notice to Greater Toronto Language School of withdrawal from the program. Verbal notices will not be considered.

2. Payment of Refunds Initiated through an Agent - Refunds owing to the student shall be paid to the student’s booking agency, within thirty (30) days of GTLS receiving written notification of
withdrawal, or within thirty (30) days of written notice of dismissal. All bank fees associated with payment of a refund are the responsibility of the student.

3. Greater Toronto Language School – Refund of Programs Fees

a. Refund in the Event of Visa Application Denial

If a Study Permit or Temporary resident Permit (visitor visa) is denied by Citizenship and Immigration Canada, GTLS will refund all of fees for the program less the Registration Fee and Administration Fee of a total cost of $330. Whereas a custodianship letter has been issued an additional charge of $50 will be applied (The student must provide letter of rejection from the Canadian Embassy to get their refund).

b. Refund of Tuition Fees for General English, Intensive English, Deluxe English Programs

i. Before the program start date

1. If the student withdraws more than four (4) weeks before the program start date, GTLS will refund the tuition fees for the program less a $150 cancelation fee.
2. If the student withdraws less than four (4) weeks before the program start date, GTLS will retain either 30% of tuition fees for the program or $500 CDN, whichever is the greater amount as a cancelation fee, and refund the balance of the tuition fees paid.


ii. After the program start date

If the student withdraws or is dismissed from the program after it has started, the following refund policies apply:

  •   Up to 10% of program attended: 50% refund

  •   Up to 30% of program attended: 30% refund

  •   More than 30% of program attended: 0% refund


4. Greater Toronto Language School - Refund of Registration Fee, Text Book Fee and Accommodation Fees

a. The Registration Fee is non-refundable.
b. The Text Book fee is refundable up to one week before the program start date, but if the

student cancels less than a week before the program start date or after the program has started, this fee is non-refundable.
c. The Accommodation Placement Fee is non-refundable
d. A full refund of accommodation fees will be given when canceling with more than four (4) weeks notice.

e. When the student cancels his/her accommodation with less than four weeks notice, GTLS will retain the fee for four (4) weeks accommodation and refund the balance of the accommodation fees paid.

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